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Some Campaign Brainstorming

+Mike Evans asked for some info on my current “default” Old School Hack campaign world which I was just calling the Mistlands but should probably have a silly fantasy name with too many ys like Myyst or something.

Basically most of the world is blanketed in a vast hazy ocean of demonic mists and everyone lives on plateaus that stick out of it. Some of the clusters of plateaus are enormous and others are tiny and spread out. Every so often creatures come out of the mists and attack things but there’s a growing empire of mages who have learned to harness mistpowers (and may be consorting with the demons that live below) and they’re slowly expanding their islands and destroying or seizing the skyships that people use to travel in order to make everybody insular and force travelers to rely on their portal magic.

Here’re the answers to Jeff Rients’ ”Twenty Campaign Questions”

  • What is the deal with my cleric’s religion? You can worship any old thing, but it’s being squashed by a growing magocracy, so fight back.
  • Where can we go to buy standard equipment? The floating sky market, of course. Been enough wars that there’s always old equipment for sale.
  • Where can we go to get platemail custom fitted for this monster I just befriended? Get a dwarf smith drunk, feed him a Potion of Might.
  • Who is the mightiest wizard in the land? the Lotus Emperor is immortal, speaks in the runetongue & can reform his body from insects.
  • Who is the greatest warrior in the land? The Kaiden Battlelord wrestled a dragon. Least no one around her is willing to claim she didn’t.
  • Who is the richest person in the land? Good question. You someday, hopefully. Get to work.
  • Where can we go to get some magical healing? Most churches tend orchards that provide magical effects.
  • Where can we get cures for the following: poison, disease, curse, level drain, lycanthropy, polymorph, alignment change, death, undeath?Ancient Shrines to long-forgotten Gods are probably your best bet, ask around.
  • Is there a magic guild my MU belongs to or that I can join in order to get more spells? Yes but they’re rather embarrassingly clearly evil
  • Where can I find an alchemist, sage or other expert NPC? For some reason they like to live in towers and often employ things carnivorous.
  • Where can I hire mercenaries? Uh, where-ever you’re hanging out, DUH. Did you want a better job description?
  • Is there any place on the map where swords are illegal, magic is outlawed or any other notable hassles from Johnny Law? The Empire grows.
  • Which way to the nearest tavern? One in every town, or at least every town near something dangerous.
  • What monsters are terrorizing the countryside sufficiently that if I kill them I’ll become famous? Mistwyrms are ever-troublesome. And big.
  • Are there any wars brewing I could go fight? The main thing bugging the Empire these days are the Elven Skyvikings, look ‘em up.
  • How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes? Daggerfall corners the market on Hive of Scum&Villany
  • Are there any secret societies with sinister agendas I could join and/or fight? WellYEAH, name something & it’s in. Crimson Alliance? Sure
  • What is there to eat around here? Oh, you’re playing a goblin again? That’s cool. Answer: everything.
  • Any legendary lost treasures I could be looking for? Multi-faceted Eye of Grimdol is popular in local lore. Popular among spiders too, tho
  • Where is the nearest dragon or other monster with Type H treasure? Dragons are like giant half-metal flying snakes, they prize runecrystals above all things and there is probably some connection to ancient technology there.

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